About us


Dependable Dental, located in Holbrook, NY, offers some of the best product lines in the business, such as Midmark, Vatech, Porter, and Belmont. Our maintenance and service team is highly skilled and knowledgeable. Be assured; when you choose Dependable Dental, you are choosing professional knowledge, service, and quality that is second to none.


My name is Al Monteleone and I have been servicing dental equipment since 1975 when I was 17. Back in 1983 I took control of Dependable Dental from Barry Price. Barry had previously worked for S.S. White, the company that made the original PANOREX. Panorex is what many people refer to as a panoramic x-ray imaging machine…similar to calling a facial tissue a Kleenex. During the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I worked with Barry moving and installing many Panorex machines. I have been specializing in dental imaging ever since. In addition to providing very important emergency services to New York and Long Island dental offices, we put an emphasis on maintaining the equipment so as to minimize emergency service requirements. Our philosophy was that it is better to maintain equipment and minimize down time than to be having to deal with emergency repairs.

Also “in 1983, GE Medical started investing heavily in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, investing nearly 1 billion US dollars in a new plant in Waukesha, and the MR Signa was born, which would go on to become the very successful MR model range. The magnet plant in Florence (USA) was opened a short time later, giving GE its own magnet production. In the same year, GE divested its dental x-ray division to form Gendex Dental Systems.” (Wikipedia)

In 1984 the owner of the newly formed Gendex Dental Systems, J.B. Boltman, contacted me through his technical and sales team to ask if I was interested in becoming the first independent small dealer for his new company. It was wildly successful for both Gendex and many small independent dental equipment dealers around the country.

Over the next few years Dependable Dental grew and added quality product lines such as Matrx, Marus, Pelton and Crane, Tuttnauer, and then Midmark; rounding out a product line of quality and high value. We are proud to say that we offer high-quality product at reasonable prices.

In 2006 Dependable Dental purchased Reliable Dental in Pelham, NY, providing a satellite office in lower Westchester to better serve our Westchester and Bronx customers and helping us to be become authorized dealers for Belmont Dental Equipment and SciCan.

One of the most gratifying things I can state is that I have many of the same customers from when I started working for Barry Price when I was 17. Many of the offices that we service I refer as MY OFFICE, because the success of MY OFFICES is also my success.

After 45+ years of servicing dental equipment we know what holds up and what doesn’t. We would rather not sell a piece of equipment that we know to be problematic, than to have to live with it. Since we provide a full year of no charge warranty service on any piece of equipment that we sell. We only sell well-made, reliable equipment. It just makes better sense for everyone involved.

All too often we see poorly maintained equipment in new customers offices. When the backbone of your practice, your compressor and vacuum systems, is buried in your basement, and you barely even know where they are, is a surprise that they only last a fraction of the time that a well-maintained unit does?

Regardless of where your units are, we advise to have annual services performed on these units. Please see our maintenance page (LINK) for further details.

When you do need to replace a piece of equipment Dependable Dental can provide optimum planning and sales to make sure that you get the right equipment to serve your needs. You can always pay more for dental equipment, but you won’t get better. All new equipment units are tracked and followed in our database and we contact you when it is the recommended time to perform the prescribed maintenance. We keep track of it, so you don’t have to.