Belmont PHOT-xlls DC Intraoral X-Ray with LCD Panel

The PHOT-xlls 505WK LCD produces superb radiographic images and minimizes patient exposure to radiation during dental imaging. Its sleek, aesthetic design makes it a natural choice for any dental operatory.

  • Small focal spot for crisp, detailed images.
  • The high-frequency x-ray generator minimizes patient exposure to radiation.
  • Compact microprocessor control module with selection switches for kV, mA, patient type, tooth type, cone type, film speed and exposure time settings, as well as a digital/film mode selection switch.
  • Improve safety with exposure time and estimated radiation output display.
  • Small, lightweight and ergonomically-contoured head facilitates easy positioning.
  • Optional pass-thru mounting plate permits the sharing of one x-ray between two adjacent operatories.
  • Attractive soft-grey neutral finish blends in with operatory décor.
  • Convenient arm mounted holder for digital sensors.
  • Optional BelLink wireless interface for digital sensors.
  • Optional coiled wire switch for remote exposure activation available.

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